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Arman Muratuly
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I'm writing this reply on a westbie. The web was invented by a British scientist, Tim Berners-Lee.To do this, I'm using a computer, which uses the mathematics created by a by a British mathematician, Alan Turing, to run.It's got various components like that transistor, PCB and so on and it uses an LCD screen .. developed by engineers following scientific discoveries and along scientific principals.The LCD screen is a replacement to my old CRT screen invented shockingly by a British engineer, along scientific principals.The computer uses electricity, telephone wires and satellite signals. ALL of which .. were discovered by scientists and utilised by engineers.My dad leant me the money (well game me) to buy my first CRT.. but he would't have been able to if he'd have died a few years ago when he had heart problems. Fortunately, a firm scientific understanding of the human body and some clever drugs (stains) and an operation to put a stent in meant he didn't die .. so was alive to lend me the money.None of this was bought about by the arts. None of it was bought about by sports. None of it was bought about by homeopathy.It was science, mathematics and engineering.Science is and always will be vital.And it's not just the useful stuff that's vital. The useless pure research .. well that's vital too. And not just because it illuminates our lives as human beings and gives us meaning .. but because .. there's no such thing as useless research. All of it adds to our body of knowledge .. and so much that was once thought pure has now been applied.Number theory is a prime example .. once thought of as totally useless it's now used in encryption techniques that allow ecommerce to happen.But why not leave it to other people? Why not let the Americans and the Japanese do the science?Well, it's stupid to do that .. that's why. Research brings money into this country .. why let other people have that money?Science is vital to this country's economy.Art and sport are great. Homeopathy not so much. But Science IS vital.

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